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Shenzhen ze technology co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturing PCB circuit boards and LED metal circuit boards of high-tech enterprises. Company was founded in 2005, specialized in manufacturing PCB single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, multilayer PCB, factory building area of 2000 ㎡, more than 180 employees, more than 10 engineering technicians. An annual output of 60000 square meters can PCB circuit boards.
Along with the development of the market products with each passing day, the new products constantly, in order to adapt to the development of the market diversification, the company in 2012 began to import LED aluminum plate, copper substrate with COB substrate production, focus on high-end products in the COB mirror aluminum and high power copper substrate r&d and production, annual production capacity of 80000 square meters.
Our main products are single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB and multilayer circuit board, aluminum board, double-sided aluminum plate, aluminum baseline .

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